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Condizioni / Conditions : Hellenic International per le prenotazioni online : Hotels e le vacanze




1.1. The HELLENIC shall notify the AGENCY-CLIENT immediately of any withdrawal of or alteration to the accommodation or any facilities or services at the accommodation or any other matter which may alter any information previously given to the AGENCY-CLIENT.

1.3. The HELLENIC shall procure that the Principal will ensure that the accommodation, premises, contents, facilities and services are and will remain throughout the period of this Agreement of a good and clean standard, in full working order and safe for occupation and use by customers and all other third parties. This includes but is not limited to compliance with clause 14 below.

1.4. The HELLENIC shall procure that the Principal will honor all reservations, options, requests and amendments thereto confirmed to the AGENCY-CLIENT.

1.5. In the event of an error being made by the AGENCY-CLIENT in pricing a reservation, the HELLENIC will notify the AGENCY-CLIENT of the error by the close of business on the working day following that on which the booking request was submitted. If notification is not made within this period the HELLENIC will honor the booking at the price quoted.

1.6. The HELLENIC shall procure that the Principal will ensure that a cot is provided for infants up to 2 years old which complies with national safety standards.

1.7. The HELLENIC shall procure that the Principal shall complete, verify and continually update a detailed description of the accommodation on their system, and shall procure that the accommodation complies fully with all current applicable and relevant regulations and legislation (in particular, but not limited to, that relating to planning, gas, electricity, fire and health and safety) and with the description provided to the AGENCY-CLIENT.

1.8. The HELLENIC shall ensure that all new reservations and amendments to existing reservations, generated by the AGENCY-CLIENT shall be auctioned on a daily basis and reported to the hotel in good time.


2.1. In the event of a claim or complaint being made to the AGENCY-CLIENT relating to the inadequacy or non-provision of the accommodation or any other service or facility provided or agreed to be provided by the HELLENIC or the Principal, the Partner shall notify the HELLENIC of any such claim or complaint within 4 days of receipt of such complaint. The HELLENIC will then liaise with the Principal and will use all reasonable endeavors to procure that the Principal will fully investigate the claim/complaint and respond to the AGENCY-CLIENT within 14 days.

2.2. If the HELLENIC or Principal receives a claim/complaint from a customer concerning the services the HELLENIC will use all reasonable endeavors to:

i) Ensure that the Principal promptly addresses the claim/complaint, and
ii) Forward a copy of the claim/complaint immediately to the AGENCY-CLIENT together with a full and accurate report regarding the circumstances that motivated the complaint, and
iii) Provide the HELLENIC with a proposed resolution to the claim/complaint within 21 working days.


Cancellations of confirmed bookings will be notified to the HELLENIC by the AGENCY-CLIENT in writing by email, and acknowledged by the HELLENIC in writing by e-mail. The cancellation charges which may be applied by the HELLENIC shall not exceed the following:
   Cancellation prior to arrival     Charge
Non City     More than 10 days     No charge
Non City     Between 10 and 4 day     3 nights
City     More than 10 days     No charge
City     Between 10 and 4 day     3 nights

For all “no shows”, Early Departures the charge shall be 100% at booked board rate.
Please Notice that this general Cancellation Policy is not valid if the Hotel has a specific Cancellation Policy which will be mentioned in the Description of the Property under the Tag: Cancellation Policy.


10.1.The HELLENIC will notify the AGENCY-CLIENT in writing of any alteration, suspension, deficiency, failure or other change of any nature whatsoever in respect of any part of the arrangements whether temporary or otherwise, within 48 hours of the problem occurring whether or not it is continuing. The HELLENIC will take all reasonable steps to remedy the problem immediately and restore the arrangements to those originally contracted, and shall be solely responsible for bearing the full amount of any costs incurred in doing so. If any reservations, option or request cannot be honored the HELLENIC must locate replacement accommodation for the affected customers of at least equal standards with similar services, facilities and location (any additional costs will be borne by the HELLENIC).

10.2. The HELLENIC shall procure that the Principal will honor all confirmed reservations. However if any confirmed reservation cannot be honored the HELLENIC will:
i) Notify the AGENCY-CLIENT immediately by e-mail and use all reasonable endeavors to offer alternative arrangements.
ii) Unless otherwise advised by the AGENCY-CLIENT, locate replacement accommodation for the customers at accommodation of at least equal or better standards with similar services, facilities, and location (any additional costs will be borne by the HELLENIC or the Principal)
iii) Meet any reasonable incurred additional costs arising because of the failure to honor the reservation including the cost of taxis to the replacement accommodation.
iv) Ensure that the replacement accommodation complies with all the conditions set out in this Agreement.
v) If the alternative arrangements are not deemed acceptable by the customer and the customer decides to cancel, the HELLENIC will procure the refund of all money paid in respect of the booking and may, at its complete discretion, offer reasonable compensation under clause 10 of this Agreement. Such reasonable compensation shall be determined on the merits of each case.


11.1. The HELLENIC on behalf of itself, its employees, Agents and subcontractors accepts liability and agrees fully to indemnify the AGENCY in respect of all loss, damage, liabilities, expenses and demands of whatever nature (including without limitation any professional fees incurred by the AGENCY) which the AGENCY may suffer or incur directly or indirectly as a result of:
i) any breach by the HELLENIC of any of these conditions or any other terms of this
Agreement: and or
ii) the death, injury or illness (including fatal injury or illness) which is caused by or arises out of any wrongful or negligent act or omission of or any breach of this Agreement by, the HELLENIC or the Principal, its suppliers, employees, HELLENICs or sub-contractors; provided that the HELLENIC shall not be liable in respect of anything arising directly as a result of the fault of the AGENCY or its employees.

11.2.The AGENCY agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified the HELLENIC in respect of any and all liabilities, losses, damages, fines, judgments or expenses, including but not limited to reasonable legal fees, incurred by or made or brought against the HELLENIC arising directly or indirectly from or in connection with any breach by or on behalf of the AGENCY or any of the AGENCY's employees, HELLENICs, contractors or representatives of any of the provisions of this Agreement or from exceeding the AGENCY's authority under this Agreement save to the extent that such losses arise out of the fault of the HELLENIC or its employees.

11.3. If the AGENCY fails to collect from customers and pay to the HELLENIC any monies due it shall be liable to compensate the HELLENIC for:
i) The cost of the booking where the HELLENIC or Principal has issued a confirmation/final statement for a confirmed booking;
ii) Amendment charges for approved amendments. Such amendments are: Board Upgrade, Room Type Upgrade, Hotel Change, Dates of Stay, Pax Number/Ages Modification

11.4. Name changes in Bookings are allowed untill 24 hours prior arrival. In the same email address that will be used for the amendments.


The HELLENIC will use all reasonable endeavors to procure that the Principal will allow the AGENCY's representatives to inspect all accommodation at any reasonable time on request by the AGENCY, where this is, in the reasonable opinion of the AGENCY, necessary to assist in the defense of customer claims against the AGENCY.


The HELLENIC shall use all reasonable endeavors to ensure that Principals take out and maintain throughout the period of this Agreement comprehensive liability insurance to cover all risks relating to the accommodation including (but not limited to) any liability for damages for the death, injury or illness of the customers.


The HELLENIC shall use all reasonable endeavors to ensure that:
• the accommodation conforms to all planning, licensing and other requirements as may be imposed on it by national, local or other laws or regulations for the purpose of its use for the accommodation of tourists at all times, and
• the accommodation complies, and will at all times during the validity of this Agreement comply, fully with EU national and trade laws, regulations and codes of practice, relating to hygiene, fire, general safety and security of those on the premises or in any way affecting the operation of the property.
•all fire exits in the accommodation are clearly marked and accessible with good emergency lighting, fire extinguishers are readily available on each floor and smoke alarms fitted, and all bedroom doors have printed instructions in English on what to do in an emergency.
• swimming pool filtration and cleaning systems provide good hygienic standards with the bottom of the swimming pool clearly visible at all times.

17. Early Booking Discounts

17.1 Partner will be obliged to pay 30% deposit for the bookings done till the early booking expiry date of each hotel. Payment date 15 days after receiving pro forma invoice from HELLENIC. The deposit will remain as credit on the balance with HELLENIC and will not be calculated per each hotel separately. Cancellation policy is following the rules of Paragraph 3 (till 7 days prior arrival) will apply and paid deposits for cancelled reservation will be used by any other booking to any other hotel offered by HELLENIC.